Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Bluebikes Mission – Bluebikes moves people forward

Bluebikes is a social enterprise that uses bicycles to break the poverty cycle.

It offers young people a safe learning environment and employment where they gain practical experience in a real business situation. Its goal is to build a sustainable business, by activities like renting, repairing and offering other bicycle related services.  I aims at improving the life of everyone it touches and contributes to a cleaner environment.

How Bluebikes sees the future:

Zanzibar will be a place where tourists and locals alike, are using bicycles as their first choice of transport. The roads will be safe and accessible for bicycles. The standard of living is increasing and people contribute to a sustainable future for themselves, others and the environment.

Bluebikes Main Objectives

  • Create Job opportunities and for graduated Kawa Training Center (KTC) tour guides
  • Provide opportunities for KTC graduates to get practical training as specialized bicycle tour guides
  • Train young people to become bicycle mechanics
  • Contribute to the financial independence of KTC
  • Create more awareness about the environment
  • Develop and carry out cycling tours that provide tourists with an insight of the real taste of Zanzibar, sustainable projects and tourism
  • Improve the Zanzibar Tourism Industry  by  adding a portfolio of sustainable guided cycling tours
  • Convince more people to use bicycles on Zanzibar as the  alternative way of transport and herewith reduce CO2 emission
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment

Core activities

  •    Rent bicycles in our Bluebikes shop in Stone Town
  •    Operate a full service and maintenance shop for bicycles
  •    Promote cycling on Zanzibar as a good alternative way of transport

Our Values

Ride a bike, Save the world

No gas, No traffic, No pollution, No Noise, Cleaner air for everyone, no car parks,

Building Bluebikes Community, Sharing knowledge and Cycle together

A community of tolerance, acceptance and togetherness

Safety First

Both on the roads and in our shop. We want people to be comfortable riding their bicycles in Zanzibar

Quality is more important than Quantity

Ensure high quality service

Success is not an accident

It is a commitment to daily habits that allows for sustainable business growth

Knowledge is power

People with knowledge are self-motivated, better community members, and future teachers.

Be good, do good

We are fiscally, ethically, and environmentally responsible with our resources and in our work.