Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast Adventure by Bike: Uncover the Uncharted

Where Google maps declare “no road,” we find our path. Zanzibar’s adventurous spirit thrives on the undiscovered gems hidden along its narrow, winding trails. Here, every journey is a daring expedition into the unknown, and the thrill of discovery is a way of life. So, choose your companion wisely, because this adventure is bound to forge unforgettable memories. 😉

Our journey begins as we gather at Bluebikes, your trusted companion for this adventure. However, there’s a twist for this tour. To reach our starting point, we’ll take a car ride to Chuini, where the true adventure commences. Our initial landmark? The hauntingly beautiful ruins of Sultan Barghash’s Palace.

New Paths, Fresh Discoveries

Prepare to tread the path less taken as we venture into uncharted territory. Here, the road itself is the destination, and every twist and turn is a surprise waiting to be unwrapped.

Agricultural Marvels

Our route leads us to the Agricultural Research Center, where the worlds of plantations and science converge. Here, natural roads and narrow paths become our trusted hosts as we navigate the countryside. A bit of downhill biking adds a dash of excitement to our adventure.

Refreshing End Point

Our journey culminates at a charming lodge overlooking the glistening sea. Here, you can treat yourself to a well-deserved cold drink. Sip, savour, and bask in the sense of accomplishment.

Homeward Bound

After savouring the joy of our drink and reminiscing about the day’s adventures, we’ll hit the road once again, this time by car, as we journey back to Bluebikes. It’s a moment for our muscles to relax and our spirits to soar. 

Join us on this exhilarating Adventure by Bike and experience the thrill of the unknown, the joy of discovery, and the bond of friendship. Book your hot spot today. 

*Price per person is 110 USD.*

Book via: WhatsApp direct number, calls and messages: +255 (0)77 6 82 83 85, or

Email address:

Duration by bike and time slots:  a full day tour from 09.00 am – till around  4:00 pm 

Pick up point: Bluebikes  Link

*Price includes: transport from Stone Town to the starting point and back from the ending point to Stone Town, bike and helmet, tour guide, water refiller at Bluebikes shop is available when you bring your bottles. 

**Please contact us for more information about tours with children, related to safety.

***Pick up from your hotel, located in Stone Town is also possible, please provide the address in your booking message. Transfers to and from Stone Town are available upon request.

We will drop you off at the same location you were picked up.